More about our philosophy

Literacy and Numeracy: Building positive attitudes towards literacy and numeracy is essential in setting a foundation for learning. The skills developed in these areas are necessary as building blocks for knowledge across all domains. It is our goal to invite our students to develop these skills through play- and inquiry-based activities and allow students to express and expand their knowledge on a daily basis. Literacy and number is incorporated into all of our programs on a daily basis, and becomes a learning focus in our Pre-Kindergarten program. 

Language and Communication: Early language and communication skills are best learned throughout everyday moments. Whether it is reading to a group of children or modelling and supporting conversations with children, our teachers are always making this experience meaningful. Reading books together, extending language, and asking questions are ways our teachers promote high quality language interactions. 

Fine & Gross Motor Skills: Fine and gross motor skill development is important to help enable children to complete daily tasks. From zipping zippers, and catching balls to using scissors and writing their name, teachers put careful attention in ensuring the development of these day-to-day skills. 

Creative Expression:  Creative art is a sensory experience for everyone. In keeping with building a growth mindset, we place our emphasis on the process of creative expression rather than the product. This approach brings an appreciation for the various materials that are being used and what can be done with them. We value that each individual’s work being expressed differently, and highlight the efforts and experience of their work. 

Music and Movement: Each day our teachers and students participate in an interactive music circle. During this time many familiar songs and rhymes are sung together. A variety of props and puppets are used to engage students and make it interactive. 

Block Play: Block play stimulates learning in all domains of development, intellectual, physical, and social-emotional and language. Block play improves hand eye coordination, promotes early math and engineering skills, spatial awareness, improves fine motor skills and enhances logical thinking.  Our programs offer a large variety of block such as large plastic blocks, wooden blocks, ramped blocks as well soft fabric and rubber blocks for children to create with. 

Dramatic Play: Based on the interest of the class, each week our teachers set up a themed dramatic play area. Dramatic themes can range from the exotic amazon to the Toronto Pearson Airport, and anything in between. The area is equipped with diverse props and costumes to support their imaginative play.  Dramatic play promotes children’s emotional and social skills and invites creative and imaginative play. 

Science Exploration:  Children are curious and love to explore and learn through hands on exploration. Our programs provide weekly science discoveries that allow for students to explore all avenues of scientific inquiries. From planting classroom gardens, and making homemade paper, to exploring magnets and building animal habitats, our science exploration activities are always a highlight in our classrooms. 

 Social & Emotional Development: Healthy social and emotional development is an integral aspect of cognitive development and student well being. It is the foundation of self and social awareness, relationship skills and self regulation. Teachers support healthy social and emotional development on a daily basis through the different interactions and structure in their classroom, such as maintaining a predictable and nurturing environment, supporting productive conversations between students, and allowing for student choice throughout the day.