Primary Years

Vincent Massey Day School is expanding! We are excited to take on this new chapter of excellence in education and extend our programming into the primary years!


We look forward to the opportunity to build on our strengths as an early learning academy and support our families in providing children with a balanced education that meets their individual needs.  As we continue to grow our program into the primary years, we will continue to maintain our Reggio- inspired teaching approaches and philosophies. Please contact us to find out more information.


Program highlights 

  • Small class size 
  • Enhanced curriculum allowing the student work at the pace that best suits their needs 
  • Literacy rich program focusing on reading comprehension and writing skills 
  • Enrichment programs in music, cooking, public speaking, physical education, yoga and meditation
  • A focus in personal wellbeing through daily physical activity, meditation, and building a growth mindset
  • Development of the whole child
  • Daily healthy lunch 
  • Experiential and inquiry- based learning
  • Project-based explorations
  • Monthly field trips
  • French Programming
  • Introduction to technology literacy helping students effectively use technology to access, evaluate, integrate, create and communicate information
  • Outdoor learning 
  • Reflective learning practices 

Extending Learning 

Our extending learning philosophy is applied to all students in our Day School. This philosophy allows teachers to assess where their students are at and build programming to support each individual's needs in literacy and numeracy. With this, teachers are able to help students work ahead in areas where they are excelling, and receive support with skills they have not mastered yet. We want to ensure all our students receive the individualized education they require.