Frequently Asked Questions

Deciding on the right education for your child is an important decision for you and your family. To ensure you have all the information you need, we have composed a list of frequently asked questions. There are some slight difference from our Early Years Programs and Day School Program. This is outlined down below:


Our hours of operation are 7:30am-6:00pm. 

Vincent Massey Academy has two campuses.

Our Daisy campus offers 2 programs:

Early Years

  • Infant
  • Toddler
  • Pre-Kindergarten

Day School

  • Kindergarten
  • Grade 1-6
  • Before-and After-School

Our Franklin Horner Campus offers programs to the following ages:

  • Toddler
  • Pre-Kindergarten

There is no difference between our two campuses, except for the ages of programming offerings.

VMA only provides full-time programs.

Vincent Massey is licensed by the Ministry of Education under the Child Care and Early Years Act. We are inspected annually by the Ministry of Education and Toronto Children's Services. We are also subject to inspections by the Toronto Public Health Department and the Fire Department to ensure that our facilities meet all city standards. Our playground is also inspected annually. All inspection reports are posted in the main hallway of the school.

Infant: 1 teacher to 3 infants

Toddler: 1 teacher to 5 toddlers

Preschool: 1 teacher to 8 preschoolers

In Toronto, all childcare centres with a service contract with Toronto Children Services are assessed by the City of Toronto for quality standards. Quality Assurance Analysts conduct annual unannounced site visits throughout the year to complete a formal assessment of each childcare centre using the Assessment for Quality Improvement. All childcare centres quality ratings from this assessment are posted on the Children Services website, for parents to consider when they choose a child care program and to monitor ongoing quality once their child is enrolled.

For a more in-depth explanation on the Assessment for Quality Improvement please visit

Each classroom follows their own daily schedule, which is posted outside of the room as they change seasonally. Consistent, predictable routines help young children understand their environment and feel secure. A regular routine enables children to reduce anxiety by knowing what is coming next. A well-planned routine will also help encourage a child’s positive behaviour by meeting their basic needs for eating, sleeping, active and quiet play, time alone, and time with other children.

Our Infant daily schedule is set up on an individual basis, according to the schedule provided by the parent to Vincent Massey. Our daily schedule is carefully designed to promote children's learning and development through a balance of child-led and teacher-planned educational, stimulating and exciting activities.

Infants follow their own individualized schedules. Toddler and Prekindergarten students are encouraged to rest for at least one hour. Quiet activities are programmed for children who are unable to rest. Naptime is approximately two hours in length.

Yes, VMA is catered by Real Food for Real Kids. RFRK is a leading children’s caterer, who provides high-quality meals and snacks for children attending child care and schools. A hot, nutritious lunch is provided as well as two well-balanced snacks every day. We are a nut, pork, and shellfish-free facility. Alternative food choices are available to those children with other food allergies and/or restrictions. Our menus are reviewed annually through a registered dietician based on the Canada Food Guide and the provincial Child Care and Early Years Act.

VMA does not allow outside food to be brought into the school. Exposure to certain foods is a life-threatening issue for some of our students.

Homogenized milk is provided for students in our infant program and 2% milk is provided at lunchtime for all other programs. Water is available throughout the day. You can bring in alternative beverage choices for your child.

VMA often has students enrolled in an E.C.E or O.C.T program at various universities or colleges, visit our school to complete their co-op placements. Their role is to observe the teachers and program in action and provide activities as required as part of their course. Their name, picture and profile about themselves will be posted on the door of the classroom they are completing their placement in. All health certificates, first aid training and criminal reference checks will be collected from the student before they start their placement at our school. Student placements are typically one semester long. The co-op student’s supervising teachers from the college will also visit the classroom to observe the student in action and provide feedback to them regarding their performance. Parents are encouraged to introduce themselves to any students working in their child’s classroom.

Each infant’s sleep schedule is individualized and based on their own daily schedule. Our infant students nap in a crib. Before infants graduate to our toddler program they will transition to sleeping on a cot. Our toddler and preschool students’ take their nap/rest periods on a cot.

Each child has their own designated crib or cot. Vincent Massey supplies cot sheets that are washed weekly or more often if required.

Eight weeks written notice is required if you wish to withdraw your child from our Early Years Program. Our Day School Program requires a 10-month commitment.

There is no additional cost for food. However, parents are required to supply all toileting supplies (diapers, wipes, creams) for their child in our infant and toddler program.

Yes. All fees must be paid regardless of sick days, extra vacation days and statutory holidays.

Fees will be withdrawn by direct withdrawal on the first business day of each month. This is the only method of payment that is accepted.

VMA charges a $500.00 registration fee. The first month fees are required at the time of registration to secure your child’s placement.


Our before-and after-school programs only offer combined before and after school care. We do not offer the option of registering for just one. This program also provides full day care on all PA days, and March Break.

Our classes have one teacher per classroom, with additional staff to support at lunch and recess.

13 students or less in our Kindergarten classroom and 15 students or less in our Grade 1 and older.

No. Our classrooms follow the Ontario curriculum for each grade and  use direct instruction and structured blocks throughout the day. Reggio-inspired education allows our students to express themselves and their learning in a variety of different ways, allowing our curriculum to follow an interest- based approach.

Snacks are not provided in the Day School program. Families will need to send a nut free snack each day. A hot lunch is available for an additional fee. 

No, we do not. All of our physical education programs take place outside! Even if it is raining or snowing, we always do our best to get outside and get active. We do have access to a gym in the area for special occasions. 

The program commitment is for the full year.

Yes, we do! During the month of July and August, we offer summer camp programs. Registration for Summer Camp begins in March of each year. 

Transportation services are not available. Families are required to do drop-off and pick-up themselves.