Early Years Enrolment Process

Toddler Waitlist

Children ages 18 months to 2.5 years

Pre-Kindergarten Waitlist

Children ages 2.5 years to 4 years


We are delighted that you are interested in sharing your
child’s early learning journey with VMA.

As there are limited placements in each age group, it is important that you start this process as early as possible. Due to the limited number of spaces, we do have an extensive waitlist. The length of the waiting time is different for each age group and type of care.

We genuinely empathize with how difficult it is to find a placement. Unfortunately, due to the high volume of applicants and low turnover of placements, we are unable to predict when a placement will become available. Rest assured, we will contact you as soon as a placement becomes available for your child in their respective age group. Please have a read through our waitlist information to be better informed on our admission process for the Early Years Programs.

Please add yourself to the appropriate waitlists below. Below we have also included more details on enrolment and commonly asked questions. 

Early Years Enrolment Information

1. We are unable to tell the number you are on the waitlist
2. VMA does not take unborn children onto the waitlist
3. You will only be contacted back if a placement is available
4. We only tour for our Early Years programs when a placement is available
5. Current student's siblings have priority of placement over new applicants
6. If there are no placements are available, families will be placed on the waitlist based on their date of application
7. If you do not get into your first choice program, you will automatically be rolled into the next age group
8. All enrolments take place on the first of the month and withdraws take place on the last day of the month


Common Questions

Q. What happens when a space becomes available?

A. When a space becomes available, the Admission Director reviews the waitlist and identifies the next eligible child using the Waitlist Policy priorities listed above.
            1. The parent is notified by phone or email of start date
            2. The parent is given 24 hours in which to accept or refuse the space
            3. If a parent does not respond within the 24 hours they will remain in the same position on the waitlist
            4. We will continue to offer the space to the next eligible child until the space is accepted

Q. What happens if I turn down a placement when it is offered?

A. If you decide not to accept the placement, you will remain in the same position on the waitlist. If you no longer need a child care placement, please contact us so we can remove your child from our waitlist.

Q. Do I have a specific waitlist number?

A. No. When an application is received, the information is entered into our database with the critical information being the child’s age and date of application. When a space becomes available it is filled according to our Waitlist Policy. A search is done in the database pulling up all children in order of their application date with matching criteria to the space being filled.

Q. If I turn down a space, what are the chances of getting another placement when I need it?

A. Due to the limited number of placements available, we are not able to guarantee another placement will come up. With the priorities listed above, we can only accept a limited amount of new families each year.

Q. Once my child is in a program, am I guaranteed a child care placement in the next age group?

A. Yes. Once a child enters the school they will transition throughout the programs unless a parent requests otherwise. Please note that movement is based on the availability and child’s date of birth.