Becoming a toddler is an exciting time where language and self-awareness blossom, mobility vastly improves, curiosity compels children to investigate new concepts, and children begin to develop meaningful relationships.

Our Toddler Program focuses on supporting and continuing to build on the development of the whole child through a structured and engaging program. By providing a social atmosphere, toddlers are able to learn how to navigate their future interpersonal relationships by developing social skills such as as sharing, working with others, socialization, and self-help skills.

The program aims to enhance and expand language, and numeracy skills through a play-based setting that encourages problem solving and inquiry. By encouraging exploratory play that is guided and supported by a professional educator, children begin to establish trust, respect, and confidence.

Program Highlights 

  • Reggio- inspired classrooms
  • Healthy seasonal menus review by a dietitian (lunch, morning, and afternoon snacks included) 
  • Daily digital reports of food intake, sleep times, and online personalized child portfolio
  • A warm, intimate, and secure place for children to learn & explore at their own pace
  • An environment that inspires curiosity and enhances learning
  • Daily music and movement circle 
  • Daily programming focusing on the following areas of development:
    • Language and Literacy
    • Creative Block Play
    • Creative Art
    • Hands-on Sensory Experiences
    • Dramatic Play
    • Science Exploration
    • Cognitive Development
    • Fine and Gross Motor Skills
    • Practical Life Skills
    • Social Skills and Cooperation
  • Enrichment programs in cooking, physical education, music, yoga and meditation
  • Introduction to early french foundations
  • Community outings- we are located in close proximity to various public libraries, community stores, and services (local pet store, bakery, ice cream store, etc.).
  • Library visits, parent involvement and special visitors are incorporated into our programming on a monthly basis