Getting ready for kindergarten is a exciting time for families, filled with many new experiences and transitions.

Our Pre-Kindergarten Program is designed to help prepare students and families for the transitions they will face in kindergarten and guide them in setting a foundation for learning.

Socially, the program aims to help students gain a sense of daily routines, adjust to interacting in a group setting, and develop their independence and self-help skills. Cognitively, children are provided with an environment that mirrors a play- and inquiry- based kindergarten setting including: literacy and numeracy activities, and project-based science and art experiences. By supporting our students through open-ended activities, we are able to cater to the individual needs of each child ensuring that our students are prepared for the interdisciplinary explorations that lay ahead.

Program Highlights 

  • Reggio-inspired classrooms
  • Healthy seasonal lunches provided with morning and afternoon snacks 
  • Online personalized child portfolio
  • Vincent Massey Early Learning Curriculum used to support mastery of literacy and numeracy skills
  • Program supported by How Does Learning Happen: Ontario's Pedagogy for Early years, Ontario Kindergarten Curriculum and the Early Learning for Every Child document (E.L.E.C.T)
  • Daily programming focusing on the following areas of development:
    • Language and Literacy
    • Creative Block Play
    • Creative Art
    • Hands-on Sensory Experiences
    • Dramatic Play
    • Science Exploration
    • Cognitive Development
    • Fine and Gross Motor Skills
    • Practical Life Skills
    • Social Skills and Cooperation
  • Jolly Phonics- A multi-sensory and interactive introduction of phonics, grammar, spelling and punctuation  
  • At home reading programs 
  • Enrichment programs in cooking, physical education, music, yoga and meditation
  • Early french foundations
  • Located in close proximity to various public libraries and many community stores and services (local pet store, bakery, ice cream store, etc)
  • Library visits, community outings, parent involvement and special visitors are incorporated into our programming on a monthly basis

Extending Learning 

Providing individualized learning opportunities for our students is an important step in setting a solid foundation for learning. Vincent Massey has developed a specialized curriculum that supports the mastery of literacy and numeracy skills such as counting, letter recognition, and writing, at a pace that best meets the needs of each individual. Our curriculum allows teachers to assess and extend learning appropriately to ensure children are working at a pace that is right for them. With this, teachers are able to help students work ahead in areas where they are excelling, and receive support with skills they have not mastered yet. We ensure all our students receive the individualized education they require.