A Day at Vincent Massey Academy: Infants

Drop off:

  • Warm greeting from our teachers
  • Exchange of information between parents and teachers 
  • Morning snack is offered

Morning and Afternoon program:

  • Our daily programming takes place both in the morning and the afternoon. It provides children with at least an hour of uninterrupted play. Daily programming materials are set up according to children’s interest and developmental needs, which fall into the following learning areas:
    • Language and Literacy
    • Creative Block Play
    • Creative Art
    • Hands on Sensory Experiences
    • Dramatic Play
    • Science Exploration
  • Each learning area is set up in the classroom, allowing the child to choose which activity they would like to participate in.

Lunch Time 

  • Real Food for Real Kids is our catering company, and they provide a specialized menu for our infant and toddler programs. The menu follows the Canadian Food Guide and is reviewed by a dietician. 
  • Our menus incorporate a wide variety of foods and textures that infants are encouraged to try. The food choices on our menus encourage infants to self feed with their their fingers and to start using a child size spoon or fork. 
  • Our youngest infants are bottle fed with the support and comfort of our teachers. Our older infants are fed in small groups in a high chair or low table.

Outdoor Play

  • All infants engage in at least two hours of outdoor play. Outdoor play can either be going on a walk in stroller or visiting the playground. The infant playground is an area that includes equipment that encourages movement and physical development.
  • Infants natural enjoyment of active play and their desire to interact with others and the environment create great opportunities for our educators to support children’s gross motor development. Providing a combination of free play and planned gross motor experiences, our educators plan developmentally appropriate activities which develop healthy bodies. They ensure a variety of experiences for non-mobile infants.
  • Nature and planting experiences are also incorporated into outdoor programming.

Sleep Time

  • This time occurs either as needed when infants are tired or at a scheduled time in our day.
  • Relaxing music is played to help soothe infants to sleep.