Our outdoor space allows time for students to practice and master emerging physical, cognitive, and social skills.

Children’s bodies develop rapidly in the early and middle childhood years and during this period their gross motor skills begin to emerge and develop. Children’s natural enjoyment of active play and their desire to interact with others and the environment create great opportunities for our educators to support all forms of child development. Providing a combination of free play and planned gross motor experiences our educators plan developmentally appropriate activities which develop physically strong and healthy bodies. 

Vincent Massey follows the Child Care and Early Years Act, which states that children are to have outdoor playtime for at least two hours per day, weather permitting.  Both of our campuses have a large grass playing field and tarmac areas with various age appropriate equipment.

We believe in the importance of outdoor to support the following:


Bringing the learning outside is an important aspect of our curriculum as it gives students contact with the natural world and the unique seasonal, and daily changes all around us. It allows students and teachers to make real world connections through hands-on experiences and supports students in understanding and valuing the various ways in which we can learn.


Outdoor play promotes well-being and wholesome physical development. Exploring a natural environment allows children to develop muscle strength, coordination, and self-confidence. 


Being outside fosters a love of nature while organically sparking curiosity about the seasons, plants, and animals. The natural world is something that needs to be embraced and protected by the next generation.