A Day at Vincent Massey Academy: Pre- Kindergarten

Drop off:

  • Warm greeting from our teachers
  • Exchange of information between parents and our teachers 
  • Morning snack is offered

Morning and Afternoon Programming 

  • Our daily programming takes place both in the morning and the afternoon. It provides children with at least an hour of uninterrupted play. Daily programming materials are set up according to children’s interest, which fall into the following learning areas:
    • Language and Literacy
    • Creative Block Play
    •  Creative Art
    • Hands on Sensory Experiences
    • Dramatic Play
    • Science Exploration
    • Cognitive Development
    • Fine and Gross Motor Skills
    • Practical Life Skills
    • Instill Social Skills and Cooperation
  • Each learning area is set up in the classroom, allowing the child to choose which activity they would like to participate in.
  • Learning circles that focus on literacy and numeracy.
  • Mastery-based approach to literacy and numeracy skills.
  • Reflective learning practices: this involves teachers and students looking back on their learning experiences to help them develop critical thinking skills by analyzing past learning.
  • A focus on self-help skills such as self feeding, and independent dressing.

Lunch Time 

  • Real food for Real Kids is our catering company, they provide a specialized menu for young children. The menu follows the Canadian Food Guide and is annually reviewed by a dietician.The menu has a wide variety of food types and textures. 
  • Meal time is a time where our preschool students practice the steps of self serving, pouring and feeding. 
  • Our preschool students eat together with their teacher in small groups. Many conversations and learning experiences are held at mealtimes.
  • The children eat together with the adults in small groups and lunch is facilitated in a family style.

Outdoor Play

  • Our Preschool Program incorporates two hours of outdoor play into their schedule each day. Outdoor play can either be a visit the preschool playground or going on a community walk around the neighbourhood. 
  • Preschools natural enjoyment of active play and their desire to interact with others and the environment create great opportunities for our educators to support children’s gross motor development. 
  • Weekly physical education classes by our specialized physical education teacher are incorporated into our gross motor programming. 
  • Nature and planting experiences are also incorporated into outdoor programming. 
  • Outdoor learning circles.