Choosing an education that is right for your family is an important step in ensuring that your child discovers a love for learning.

At Vincent Massey, creating and facilitating an environment that is welcoming, enjoyable, and rich with learning is a top priority. We know that for children to set a solid foundation for learning, they must understand the role balance has in all aspects of life, especially education. 

Our balanced approach to education ensures that success is felt throughout all avenues of life. We believe by equipping our students with the tools to succeed not just academically -  but emotionally, socially, and physically - we equip students with the skills necessary to navigate all aspects of life. 

On a daily basis, we provide our students with the opportunity to test and develop critical thinking, problem-solving, communication, and innovation skills. We encourage them to ask questions, take risks, and collaborate with peers to help them in building a growth mindset and take agency over their learning. 

Program highlights 

  • A Reggio-inspired learning environment
  • Small class sizes
    • Kindergarten, maximum of 13 students
    • Grade 1 and older, maximum of 15 students
  • Individual learning for each student. Students will be able to work at a pace that best suits their needs, with no cap on curricular grade expectation
  • Mastery-approach to literacy and numeracy skills
  • Development of the whole child through:
    • A focus on wellbeing through daily physical activity, meditation and building a growth mindset
    • Outdoor Education
    • Social-Emotional Learning
    • Justice-Oriented Education
    • Community and Global Citizenship
  • Early French foundations
  • Inquiry- and experiential-based learning
  • Monthly field trips/guest educators
  • A catered healthy lunch is included in the tuition cost

*Includes both Senior and Junior Kindergarten ages


Extending Learning 

Providing individualized learning opportunities for our students is an important step in setting a solid foundation for learning. Vincent Massey has developed a specialized curriculum that supports the mastery of literacy and numeracy skills such as counting, letter recognition, and writing, at a pace that best meets the needs of each individual. Our curriculum allows teachers to assess and extend learning appropriately to ensure children are working at a pace that is right for them. With this, teachers are able to help students work ahead in areas where they are excelling, and receive support with skills they have not mastered yet. We want to ensure all our students receive the individualized education they require!